Ahead of the forthcoming preseason tests in Sepang in February caught up with Melandri to get his thoughts on his return to the Grand Prix scene.

“My goal was to be with Aprilia in Superbikes for two years, but everything changed unexpectedly when the factory decided to focus their efforts towards the MotoGP World Championship. At first I was hesitant to accept the challenge as I had doubts about the competitiveness of a new bike, whereas there was the possibility of winning in Superbikes. But I was encouraged by the idea of developing a MotoGP bike with the team.”

On his return to MotoGP after four seasons, the Italian rider revealed his goals for 2015; “My goal is to improve step by step. If I get the bike to evolve I’ll be satisfied. As for results, perhaps it is too early to talk about a real goal. I think we should at least wait for the test in Qatar (14th to 17th March) to know what point we are at. My personal motivation depends on the situation around me. The willpower of all the team members, if they work their hardest, that will encourage me to do my best.”


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