For the first time ever a group of enthusiastic West African Motorbikes enthusiasts came together to plan and Organise a converge bringing together other West African Motorbike enthusiasts in the just concluded “We.ABC 2015” an acronym for West African Bikers Converge. The event was hosted at Millenium beach Popo hotel a resort lying few Kilometres from Porto Novo, the Beninoise Capital and hosted over 160 Motorbikes as well over 230 registered Bikers. The eventful converge lasted three days (1st, 2nd and 3rd May, 2015) with participants from Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Benin Republic, Senegal, Cote ‘d Voire, and Cameroun. Though tagged a West African Motorcyclists event, We.ABC 2015 also witnessed participants from none West Africa confines like the United Kingdom etc.EditThe event featured Motorcycle Stunts Display 

visits to historical sites in Benin Republic, Familiarization session for Bikers from diverse Motorcycle Clubs and countries as well meetings to discuss and update Bikers on changes and update on the coveted lifestyle / culture, challenges and possible solutions to some of the hitch Bikers face from either authorities, other road users or the ill-informed, misguided or unenlightened community. There was also, a party that rocked and eventually closed the curtain on the fun-filled convergence of Motorbikers and enthusiasts  The We.ABC Team stressed the need and objective of the stellar event was to Promote the gutsy and glamorous lifestyle as well celebrate and unite West African Bikers to foster both love,  familiarization in the daring lifestyle feared by most and embraced by few. We.ABC also mentioned that the event is an avenue to promote unity and sustain peace and brotherly love  amongst the West African Nations.

The host Francophone nation and their Motorbikers expressed joy and gratitude to the We.ABC Team for choosing their Country 

to be the host of the inaugural event which will now be rotated around West African countries annually. 

The We.ABC Team members are: Queen from Nigeria in charge of Administration, Emmanuel Rowland from Benin Republic heads Logistics and Security while Togo’s Donatien handles Publicity and Media with Ghana-based Nigerian Emmanuel Whyte as the Events cordinator. 

Stay clued to for a full profile of the We.ABC Organizers Team in our next publication. Until then, keep spreading the word #We.ABC for a chance to be a ‘We.ABC Global Ambassador’ 



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