The Motorcycle Sports Clubs Of Nigeria has released the Provincial Programme of Events for the 2016 Nigerian Superbikes Road Race popularly known as ‘The BT’ (The Bikers Trophy)  

 The event remains on the Legendary Circuit that lies silent running through the plains of  Urhonigbe through Ukpokirima and 6 other communities all in Edo State, Nigeria  The Date happens to be the first noticeable change in the event calendar after three seasons. In the 2016 Edition of the BT,  the race weekends starts from the 23rd through the 27th November, 2016. The extension in the number of days according to the Event’s Chief Organizer Mr Odu Okao polpularly called “Moto” is to earn the Riders enough time to get familiar with the Circuit and enable their Race Mechanics and Data Engineers tailor their respective Bikes to fit in and run smoothly on the Track to prevent uneccesary errors, enhance safety and further encourage competition.  The Registration this year is already open for intending Racers, Teams, Sponsors, Partners as well as ‘Race Heads’ to prevent last minute rush. The early registration is also believed to aid the Organizers in ensuring appropriate and timely preparations are made to host the most successful BT yet.

Riders and Teams are to Register on the following portal http://superbikenigeria.com/sbn/register-for-bt-2016/ while Teams, Partners, Sponsors and Fans could register here http://superbikenigeria.com/sbn/tickets/

For more information on how to “Pump Red” come November 2016, you can rely on BikeGP for official updates


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