The MotoGP™ World Championship has gone through few regulations that both riders and teams will challenge for the premier crown of Motorcycle Grand PrixC in an equal and fair level regardless of age and experience. 

The switch from Bridgestone Tyres at the end of the 2015 season to Michellin in November was the beginning of a new era in MotoGP the apex of Motorcycle Racing. Also the introduction of the Magnetti Marelli unified ‘spec’ ECU software system. With the unified ECU by Magnetti Marelli, the Open class is no more as all riders and bikes are on the same software. 22 litres of fuel load has been allocated to all bikes with now running the same tyre specifications. The unification now translates that there will no longer be riders with access to a softer set of tyres. With the tyres and unified software, MotoGP will be a leveled grid come 2016 under the flood illumination in Losail later in March. 2016 will perhaps go down in the books as one of the most level playing fields the MotoGP™ world has seen in recent years with these changes. 
As Yamaha, Honda and Ducati all having scored more than six concession points, awarded for podium finishes, in 2015 they will each have seven engines with development frozen once the season starts. For the likes of Suzuki and Aprilia, they will be allowed to utilise nine engines during the season without a limit on testing or development. This aims to have as many riders on as many bikes as possible fighting for victory.  


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