Dorna Sports’ CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta explains further on the outcome of the latest Grand Prix meeting at Geneva where tyre pressure sensors have been proposed for the next IRTA Tests in Philip Island, Australia following the Rear Michelin tyre incident during last MotoGP Tests at Sepang in Malaysia 

Mr Ezpeleta explains 
“Well first, after the last meeting in 2015 in December in Madrid there were some pending matters that we decided to study during this time and propose that in an extra meeting in the beginning of the meeting here in the FIM headquarters there has been a very profitable meeting. Then we discussed different matters, we discussed about technical matters, which will be issued in a press release regarding unified software and things like that. Also, after the problem with the rear tyre in Sepang we decided to include, and this was approved very fast, that we will, from the first Grand Prix of this year, we’ll have tyre pressure sensors in the tyre. The system to do this will be proposed by the MSMA members in Phillip Island and this issue is something to resolve immediately. Also, subject to the proposal of Dorna to the FIM, after the incident of last year, we as Dorna decide not to be involved in the committee who put the penalties on the riders for any infringement of the sporting code during the race. After that there has been a system created to differentiate between Race Direction and the panel of stewards and I think the president of the FIM will explain this.”


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