Honda has given us a sneak peak into their newest Superbike to be released Officially sometime in the year – The RC213V-S MotoGP Customer version. 

The 2016 Honda 213V-S street legal MotoGP bike could be said to be the equivalent of the Ducati Desmosedici launched in 2005 and the Yamaha R1M launched ten years after.  It is a highly production Superbike. It is a step higher than the Highly successful CBR1000RR SP. It gives you the feel of either Dani Pedrosa or Marc Marquez’s Grand Prix motorcycles

Aside it’s unique handling, the RC213V-S carries a regular suspension setting as opposed to the Yamaha R1M which carries full race suspension settings. The RC213V-S is a limited edition and it is available for preorder and the order lasts until September, 2016 and that can be done on the Honda Official website. 

Tom Roderick, the content editor for alongside Shinichi Ito a Honda test rider had the Bike for a stint at the Ricardo Tormo Curcuit in Valencia Spain and their submission was that the Bike corporates in every sense and had opened up a new dimension on what motorcycle performance can be. You can get on speed on a straight, brake and turn into a corner without dropping much speed as the CBR would do. It is steady while braking and does not go squirly under the brakes. The European version boasts a 150 to 160HP with up to 200HP on the race kitted ones. Much has not been reported yet on the Electronics but we are told the race version comes with different parts and has a 22pounds weight drop from the standard version. The American market has a Horse Power limit of just 98HP. The Race ready version is said that it can be modified to any level that suits the rider as there is no limit to its modification. The RC213V-S carries Ohlins Forks, Brembo Calipers, Race Dashboard, fitted Bridgestone Tyres Batlax fitted on both Front and Rear.

Photos and Video Credit: Report by IKEMESIT NKEREUWEM 



    1. I tell ya! Even at 150-160 Horse Power available on the European version, we all still wondered why it is referred to as a MOTOGP Race Bike Replica when an ordinary 600CC can boast of such power. Even the recent Ducati Panigale now produces up to 201Horse Power

      1. At first I thought there was a typo and it was supposed to read 198 horsepower…
        AND…. $184,000 ?!! I’ll stick with my ZX10r, thanks.
        Great blog by the way. I Love MotoGP!

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