MANUFACTURERS REJECTS MOTOGP has reported delays in the application for the 24th MotoGP™ grid spot in 2017, despite three teams sucesfully applying for it. Excetpts.


On the 21st of March it was announced that applications from existing MotoGP™ Championship teams to provide a 24th entry in the MotoGP™ class from 2017 would be invited. The deadline for applications was the 29th of April on which date the Selection Committee, comprising delegates of Dorna, FIM and IRTA, would consider the applications.

Five teams expressed interest with three applying officially for consideration. The Selection Committee considered all three teams and all three had merit and could each enhance the MotoGP™ class.


Alongside these discussions, work is also underway with the Manufacturers to establish the availability of competitive machinery for the extra entry. The conclusion from these discussions was that there was reluctance amongst the existing Manufacturers to commit to making additional equipment available, at least for 2017. As such the decision has been postponed.

Dorna, FIM and IRTA wish to thank the teams who complied with the application process and apologise that the offer has had to be withdrawn.


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