Pata Yamaha WorldSBK Team Technician Ashley Banks has revealed his own role and the challenge he faces at each round of the WorldSBK weekend ahead of the WorldSBK Laguna Seca round in America.


WorldSBK teams have a maximum number of tyres allocated to each rider to be fitted to his wheels which under normal circumstances must be adherred to.

“We can only have 13 wheels mounted at any one time,” explains Ashley Banks, Tyre Technician and truck driver for the Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team.

“If it’s dry, this is totally fine, but with changeable weather you also need intermediate and rain tyres fitted. The Pirelli allocation of tyres can sometimes be limited in numbers available. Dorna issues a sticker system for the weekend, both for front and rear, so sometimes you need to keep a lightly used tyre as a back-up. This reduces the amount you can then fit new. Also, in changeable conditions you may need different choices of front and rear tyres because of track temperature. In key qualifying sessions this means a full rack of 13 wheels, with different temperatures and pressures, according to use. In other words, it’s busy!”


Since, 2001 Ashley Banks has been working in the paddock since 2001 and makes public his delight at trips to Laguna Seca in California where the WorldSBK Championship visits next weekend.

“I have always loved Laguna Seca,” he says. “I love the setting and the racing…and the burgers! A couple of us are also taking a trip to Yosemite before the races this year, so we are looking forward to a little down time before the racing gets going.”


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