Volkswagen considering Ducati sale?

Volskwagen, which owns Ducati, among other brands, is currently studying the possible benefits of selling the Italian company, according to news agency Reuters.

It is believed the German company is attempting to cut costs in several sectors after the emission scandal in 2015, in which it admitted to cheating emissions tests in the USA.

It is believed Volkswagen has undertaken the services of banking boutique Evercore to assess the options available to the German, one of which being the sale of Ducati, which the Audi group – a division within VW – purchased in 2012 for 860 million Euros.

This reduction in spending, which may include a hefty number of job cuts, is aimed at fuelling a shift toward the production of electric cars in future years.

The article states that, before interest, taxes and depreciation, Ducati’s annual earnings of around 100 million Euros could lead to an overall evaluation as high as 1.5 billion Euros.

Should they fail to find a seller in the upcoming months, Volkswagen, could turn to the idea of a stock market floatation for Ducati.

According to German website , Ducati can boast of successful sales numbers in the past year. Its sales in Italy increased by 20 percent in the previous twelve months, while Spain (38 percent) and Germany (eight percent) also witnessed a bump.

Although the possession of Ducati’s future is under consideration, a final decision on whether the Bologna-based marquee will be sold has yet to be taken.


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