Nigeria today, 17th September, 2017 will not only witness  history created but a better future part created and quaranteed with the official launch of the first Nigerian Car Race Championships “RoadX” at Muri Okunola Park in Lagos, NigeriaThe following is the Press Statement to be released on the Occasion;

“Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. 

You are welcome to the RoadX Team Car Media Unveil & Nigeria Motorsport Fans Engagement Event. 

It is our pleasure to have you all here.

This event was designed to bring to the notice of Nigerians through the media, the start of what we believe will be the Nigeria Track Car ( & Superbike) Racing Championship. 

A locally developed grassroots Motorsport program that we hope will give Nigerians the opportunity to enjoy Motorsport.

The Series is comprised of 12 teams for now, with opportunities for more teams to join.

It is also in our plans to launch the Motorsport Raceway Track Facility that will play host to the races in Evbuobanosa, Edo State in November of this year. 

An event that you are all invited to attend.

It is our hope that this Media Unveil becomes an annual event to launch new teams, new colours and new sponsors to Nigeria’s Motorsport Fans and the various corporate brands that will like to associate with Motorsport in Nigeria.

Once again, thank you & welcome.”BikeGP will keep you updated on further updates


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